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10 Best Romantic Ways to Wake Up You Partner in the Morning

Whether you are on a romantic weekend getaway with your partner who you have only known for a few months or are in a live-in relationship for years, wouldn’t it be great to start your morning romantically? You might be imagining heart balloons all around and an orchestra playing in the background but that’s not what I mean. I mean opting for romantic ways to wake your partner in the morning!

And who knows, you might just get lucky! Starting your lover’s morning with that charming smile and love pumping in their heart for you would make your day too. So it’s a win-win situation!

All you need to put in some extra time and effort to make their day special. So let’s have a look at the 10 best romantic ways to wake your partner in the morning!

1. Breakfast in Bed

If you have a clear idea about what your partner loves to eat, especially at breakfast, then you can always surprise them with a sweet and romantic breakfast in bed. Spice up your relationship with a nice breakfast full of muffins, breakfast sausages, toast, boiled eggs, pancakes, waffles, and the list goes on. As a boyfriend, it is one of the cute ways to wake up your girlfriend, especially if it’s a special day, like her birthday or your anniversary.

Along with the breakfast, you can also add some cute notes about how much you love your partner and why. Such a romantic gesture will certainly make their day one of the most memorable ones. Such a start will make them keep smiling the whole day.

2. Cuddling Session

As soon as you wake up and see your partner sleeping peacefully, calmly put your arms around them and start cuddling. Cuddling is known to be a stress relief and what better way to start your day with it, especially with your lover. They will certainly wake up with a huge smile on their face and continue the cuddling session with you.

If you don’t know how to wake up your boyfriend, this is a great way of waking them up. It doesn’t need much effort and is more than romantic. It easily represents the love you have for them.

3. Soft Kisses

If you are thinking about how to wake up your boyfriend without him getting mad, you might want to start his day with soft kisses all over his face and lips. As soon as he wakes up, he will certainly reciprocate in the same manner making it a romantic start of the day. You won’t stop but keep thinking about it the whole time during work!

4. Morning Massage

Now, who doesn’t like a good massage, especially just before they have to start their day. Get a good massage oil and start softly massaging your partner while they are still asleep. As soon as they wake up, they will be surprised to see you giving them a nice, romantic massage.

Morning massages are known to be the top c. It not only soothes their morning but also your relationship. And there is a great possibility of things getting spicier!

5. Draw a Bath

This is a great idea if you don’t know how to wake up your girlfriend without getting her mad. Baths are one of the most romantic gestures you can exhibit for your partner, especially a girlfriend. Draw a bath full of essential oils, bath salts, and roses as well as light up a few candles for the fragrance.

Wake up your partner with sweet, soft kisses and bring them into the bathroom to surprise them with the bath. In no time, they will be welcoming you to join them as well. You guys can even make it a weekly ritual!

6. Whisper Sweet Nothings

One of the most romantic ways to wake your partner in the morning is by whispering sweet nothings into their ear as the sun shines over them. Although it’s not a grand gesture like giving a massage, it can certainly make their day. Imagine telling them that you love them and how much you love them as they wake up and getting a sweet kiss from them.

Your partner will certainly not forget how amazing they were treated and will reciprocate as well. The night might turn out to be quite long.

7. Neck Kisses

If you are trying to wake up your girlfriend in the morning, this is a huge tip for you. Not only neck kisses will wake her up but they definitely will arouse her as well. Neck kisses are known to be one of the top romantic ways to wake up a girlfriend.

Show your girlfriend how much you adore her by snuggling up to her and whispering sweet-nothings in her ear. And not only wake her up but they might also lead to some morning action. Now doesn’t that seem like a good idea for waking your partner up in the morning?

8. Playing their Favourite Song

Everyone has a favorite song and no matter what it is if play it for them in the morning, their whole day might just get better. As soon as they will hear it instead of their alarm, they will get curious, and when they see you holding the speaker, a smile will appear on their face. You even might end up dancing with them on the same song playing on loop!

You may start playing the song very softly, only to gradually increase the volume so that partner understands it is time to get up. Music taps into the emotions and you can take the benefit of it.

9. Gifting

It doesn’t matter if it’s a special day or not, every day is supposed to be special with your partner. So, whether or not they were hinting about those diamond earrings or that guitar, gift them something thoughtful. Make an effort and instead of a random perfume set or makeup kit, think deeply about it.

As soon as they open their eyes and lay their eyes on it, they will be more than euphoric. It will mean it to them that you actually cared to think out of the box. And you will certainly be getting a return gift as well.

10. Morning Sex

Obviously one of the most romantic ways to wake your partner in the morning, morning sex can be very passionate. Instead of a normal morning routine, it turns your morning very romantic as soon as you wake up. Start arousing your partner by various means and your morning sex will be on the cards.

The best ways to wake up your lover include a rub on his cheek and then I put little kisses all over his face. When she begins to awaken, gently kiss her lips, cheeks, neck, nose, and eyelids as you tell her what she means to you.


There are many more romantic ways to wake your partner in the morning, however, the above given are the best ones to go for. When a relationship begins it is much more active and spiced up. But as time goes on, people observe that their relationship has taken the high road.

In order to save your relationship from ending, follow these given tips and you will certainly be able to spice up your relationship. Along with that, you will also be able to work on your relationship to make it everlasting.

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