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How to Seduce a Man and Leave Him Wanting (15 Tips)

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just another date, popping up the champagne isn’t enough. You should always know how to seduce a man, especially your man, and leave him begging for more.

Whether you have just started dating or have been going steady with him for a while, the art of seduction is always necessary to keep the excitement and spice in the relationship going on.

However, if you have no idea about seducing a man, relax, we are here for you, to guide you with some of the best ways of seducing a man. He won’t know what hit him! So go on and get to know some of the top ways of seducing a man that works.

How to Seduce Men

One question that has always been raised by women is that how to seduce men. As men rarely notice the little things that their ladies do for them, seduction becomes an important way of getting their attention.

While it seems an obstacle to some, there are easy ways of seduction that can make him be your slave. These ways of seduction are known as seduction techniques.

We are glad that today we are going to share some of the best ones so that you no longer have to work hard for his attention. Read on to learn the art of seduction!

1. Be Dominating

If he has always been the dominating in the bed, it’s time for a role reversal my friend. For instance, if he is on the couch playing video games, switch it off, and walk over to him. Kiss him and whisper in his ear what you want to do to him.

If that isn’t enticing I don’t know what is! You can do the same if your boyfriend doesn’t initiate things in bed and your sex life is turning out to be a boring one. Now, this is how to seduce men.

2. Sneak Peek

Remember during Christmas time we all tried to take a sneak peek into our gifts to see what we are getting that year. Well, this technique is pretty much the same. However, the peeking job will be done by your man.

If you still haven’t got it yet, let us explain. Give him a sneak peek of your hot body by wearing something that covers enough but shows more than enough! This is how to seduce a man till he finally gives up and leads you to the bedroom!

The sneak peek technique is a wild one as it makes a man explore you while turning him on in just a few seconds. You can even wear a wet white tee for this one and it will do the job.

3. No Hands Rule

So your usual bedroom tricks might have worked till now, however, when it comes to seducing your man, it’s time to add some spice! This is when the no-hands rule comes into the picture. Just tie his hands and make him sit, whether on a chair or the bed.

View at loving couple kissing on bed in the room

Now, your work begins. Starts kissing passionately, giving him the sense that you want him right here, right now. With his hands tied, he will be seduced in almost a few seconds. And there you go girl; your job is done!

4. Massages

Believe it or not, massages can amazingly seduce a man and turn him on. This is a great seduction technique that you can go for if you guys are in bed but not making love. As you start massaging him, start with his shoulders as that is the focal point.

As you go down massaging him, don’t ever miss massaging his erogenous zones as that is what is going to help you down the lane. Apart from that, you can a love bite, a kiss on his throat, and circle his navel with your fingers in a playful manner. What comes next will make your night far better.

5. Roleplay

Making love in the usual way is too mainstream and definitely bores your man much before it bores you. And if you are thinking about how to seduce Taurus man, we have got just the right answer for you. Try roleplaying your way into your sex life and your man will go gaga for you.

We have already given a lot of seduction techniques; however, roleplaying has always been considered the best as both of you can play your part in it and completely change your personalities.

For instance, you could be a sexy FBI agent looking for a criminal and he could be that hot, vibing criminal. And both of you could just not keep your hands off each other! Exciting, right?

6. Striptease

Now, you might be thinking how can striptease help me as he has seen me naked a million times. Certainly, he must have, however, has he seen you performing like a stripper? Now, this is how you seduce a man!

A striptease will work like a charm especially if you do it suddenly, like a surprise. Not only will he be seduced to the end of the world but might even buy you something fancy! While you can always do it in your clothes.

We always recommend getting a costume as your presentation should be sexy as well. No matter what you go for, the result is going to make both of you happy and satisfied!

7. Texting

If both of you are at work and you know that the evening is going into watching some random show on Netflix, we know the best way of how to seduce a man over a text message.

Now, don’t end up thinking that you’ll have to call him and make sex noises. We aren’t that cheesy; we’re classy.

Just send him a text telling him everything you want to do him in bed, once he reaches home, and trust us, he will be dying to get back to you. This is how to seduce a man even when he is not around.

8. Lingerie Shopping

Want to know how to seduce a Aquarius man? Well, we have the perfect technique for that; take him shopping. No, we are not telling you to change his entire wardrobe, we are talking about lingerie shopping.

While lingerie shopping is something that most women do by themselves, it becomes very seductive and spicy when you take him along for buying lingerie.

You can always try out different pieces and show him, while his imagination runs wild as he gets seduced by you without much effort.

Apart from that, you could even show him a few other things and ask him what he would like to see you wearing. The excitement would build in just a few minutes of shopping!

9. Sex Toys

The usual act of lovemaking can get boring after a while, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. So how to seduce men? Relax, and get ready to play with some toys instead of just playing with each other.

You can indulge in several adult toys and make your sex life playful and tempting, especially for your man. Some of the common toys that you can opt for are handcuffs, blindfolds, and even sex games that are available online or at the stores. Just give your man the idea of it and he’ll be ready in seconds!

10. Vibrating Panties

If you are thinking that how to seduce men on bed, we have got just the right answer for you. There are vibrating panties available just for your pleasure as well as to seduce him. These panties come with a remote control too.

Now comes how to use this seduction technique. Wear the panties and give the remote control to your boyfriend. Let him take charge of it and make him increase or decrease the speed of the vibration. As you feel the pleasure, your partner will get more and more seduced by the minute.

11. Erotic Dancing

The answer to how to seduce a man is pretty easy if you learn a few erotic moves. If you already know dancing that is a plus point as well. You can always find these erotic moves online and learn them easily.

As soon as your man is back from work, put on some sexy lingerie and surprise him with your erotic dancing. It will always be great if you give him a lap dance and touch his erogenous zones.

As you show him what you desire, you will be able to seduce and tempt him into getting into the bed with you!

12. Body Language

Never underestimate the power of your body language. That sexy confidence that is stored inside you is all that you need to seduce your man into begging for more. This technique is better used if you are in a new relationship and are on a date.

You can start by positioning your body in a way that your arms aren’t crossed in front of you and you are leaning in. And of course, a hair flip always works like a charm. Indeed, men find it quite sexy.

13. Calling

If you are thinking that how to seduce a man over phone, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to make him run back to you in minutes. Usually, you guys must be talking over normal things in a relationship. However, you can easily seduce him over the phone without much effort. Let us tell you how.

Firstly, use your sexy voice to keep him engaged. Secondly, tease him while your guy is talking, and he’ll know what you want. Apart from that, ask him questions such as what does he want and flirt with him.

That’s it, girl! Your job is done. Soon you are going to hear the doorbell ring and you can thank us later!

14. Touch Him

Do you want to know how to seduce a man? This trick might not be easy for shy women but touching a man tells him that you want him. And we are not talking about caressing his cheeks or hair.

We mean touching him, such as on his forearm or biceps, and if he touches you back that means he wants you too! A bite on the lower lip while touching would also go a long way. If he doesn’t respond within a few minutes, mission abort.

15. Be Confident

Nothing is sexier than confidence and men love a confident woman, not someone who is filled with insecurities. Now it’s time to use that confidence to seduce your man until he is on his knees. You need to show him you don’t need him but want him.

So if he ever compliments you, don’t end up saying thank you, say I know! Apart from that, start wearing clothes that compliment your body. No, we aren’t talking about wearing super short skirts or deep necklines. Just wear clothes that are as fabulous as you.


Whether you have just started dating your man, are in a long-term relationship, or just like a guy and want to know how to seduce a man, these 15 tips surely help you to get your man’s attention. He won’t even realize what’s happening until it happens. So ladies, take charge of the situation and go have fun in your sex life.

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