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10 Best Chatiw Alternatives to Start Free Chat Rooms

With the growing trend of online chatting, things are not the same for Chatiw as before. Many Chatiw alternatives have come forward with more impulsive features and taking a healthy share from Chatiw’s user base. Chatiw is a free website with online chat rooms that permit users to connect with men and women globally.

You just have to enter some of your basic information like nickname, age, and location and you are good to go. The site navigates you to find a perfect match for yourself. You can meet enormous people over here from different corners of the world.

Chatiw US and Chatiw UK are very popular in the western regions of the world. You can chat without registration in the public chat rooms but if you want to have a private chat with someone special, you can register using your email address. Chatiw is one of the established sites among all the adult chatting sites.

10 Best Chatiw Alternatives

Chatiw substitutes can be found in abundance over the web but hunting for the most suitable one could be the trickier task if you do it by yourself. But we have done the hard work on behalf of you and bring up the online chatting sites that you can use as Chatiw alternatives.

1. ChatSecure

ChatSecure is a highly secured chat website protected by OTR encryption over XMPP. You can enjoy both private and public chats over here. All the chats are end-to-end encrypted and safe.

It is a completely free and open-source platform. Sign-up needs only a few minutes where you can add nicknames and other customized usernames. It’s straightforward to use. The full source code to the iOS ChatSecure app is also available on GitHub.

ChatSecure website

The main features of this platform are the accessibility of XMPP with TLS certificate attached, OTR for end-to-end forward secrecy, support for TOR to aid restrictive bypass firewalls, SQLCipher to locally encrypt conversation logs, OMEMO for a mobile-friendly alternative to OTR, and much more.

2. ZChat

Zchat is a free universal platform that allows young and adults for random chats. The creation of an account is also absolutely free. You can venture into chat rooms online and enjoy your quality time.

It offers filters to choose with whom to talk and whom not to. It is an India-based chatting portal that provides access to several online chat rooms like Tamil chat room, Hindi chat room, USA chat room, UK chat room, etc similar to Chatiw US and Chatiw UK.

Zchat website

Some of Zchat’s unique features are:

  • Forums – Provides a huge number of topics in its forum.
  • Gallery – You can upload your pictures and download others too. Comment and connect.
  • Blogs – Post blogs and show your creativity. Connect with like-minded people from corners the world.
  • Poll – This site has a salient feature called poll where you can conduct polls and other users can cast their votes.


EmeraldChat is one of the best Chatiw alternatives as it provides unlimited opportunities to meet new people from around the world and connect with them through interesting match features.

You can enjoy 1-on-1 chat mode over here along with group chat mode. It also has technically generalized picture and media sharing options.

EmeraldChat website

There is also an amazing feature of “Karma Rating” provided by EmeraldChat. You can find your best matches by using the filters provided by them. Start free chat rooms without registration.

You can enjoy unlimited conversations in the online chat rooms and adult chat rooms and more interestingly you can chat without registration. It’s a perfect space for everyone who’s above the age18.

4. MeetSkip

MeetSkip is a thrilling online chatting website with several chat rooms where you can instantly connect and chat with random strangers. There is no sign-up required. You just have to click the “chat now” button and start right away.

Using online chat rooms is a genuine way to get to know someone and you will quickly grow accustomed to it. They are incredibly useful and provide plenty of advantages. Push the conversation gradually towards a real date or anywhere you want.

MeetSkip website

It offers a full-fledged random chat experience without any registration. It also allows you to share media from your camera roll. Share your awesome pictures with your special person to make the conversation more interesting.

The site claims, “The connections you make will be much more meaningful if they are accompanied by visuals” and indeed you can experience it in real life. In fact, one of the major advantages of online dating – the freedom of expressing yourself.

5. ShockRooms

ShockRooms is another excellent website that provides a free webcam chat service to communicate with people from all over the world. No signup, registration, and login are required to access free chat rooms online.

It is also one of the most popular sites among all Chatiw alternatives. You just need to check in as a guest and start chatting right away after sending a request. This site has several active regular users with no bot interruption.

ShockRooms website

It provides many features like audio and video chats along with text chat. When you enter into the website you will immediately find many open online chat rooms that you can join and start chatting promptly.

You are free to hide your identity and chat anonymously; you can also change your nicknames whenever you want. Overall it is a very user-friendly online adult chat site.

6. Chatstep

Chatstep is a user-friendly online chatting site that can be used for both chat rooms and 1-on-1 chats. You can easily create your chat room or join an existing one. Meet new single women and men around the world every day without limits. Make new friendships, for free and have a live discussion now without registration.

The members in one chat room can extend up to 50. This website needs no registration. You can just start chatting right away by inviting anyone to chat. You can also create a separate chat room and start a chat with your friends and family by inviting them.

Chatstep website

This website allows you to share as many files and images as you want. This website doesn’t offer a secure chat connection but ensures a full-time warm and cozy experience.

With numerous filters to elevate your quality search results, it is best for spending quality time with a new friend across the board.

7. Chatzy

Chatzy is a free Chatiw alternative that allows users to conduct private chat rooms and invite friends and family to the chat room via email. When you are casually chatting with someone shows them that you are very interested in more than just chatting him or her up. 

The site requires no download and has no compulsion on registration and login. It also features adult chat rooms for those who want to get naughty online. To find the true love of your life, you must know the other person. It is possible when you pay extra attention to the communication happening between both of you.

Chatzy website

The best thing about this site is, nobody can access your chat room until and unless they are invited by you. Chatzy offers two kinds of chat rooms online, Quick Chats, and Virtual Rooms. You are provided with multiple options to choose from.

However, the virtual room provides a better experience than Quick chats. There is a limited number of features in Quick chat, whereas virtual room allows you to change its customization whenever you want.

8. Chatib

Chatib is one of the most striking online chatting websites of the current date because of its notable features and is one of the strong contenders for Chatiwalternatives. It is simple to use and allows to have uncountable chats with strangers.

Eliminating the load of chat room trolls, Chatib stands out with a special feature called “Karma System” that enables the development of social incentives. It is free of bots of course and loved by many users because of this.

Chatib website

You just have to type a nickname and hit the join chat button to start chatting without wasting any time registering yourself. It has several online chat rooms on different topics, you can join anyone based on your preference.

You can easily find a date here or simply kill your time by reading blogs or chatting with strangers. You can organize discussions about interesting topics, make friends or find a boyfriend/girlfriend in Chatib.

9. Chatblink

Chatblink is a versatile platform that allows users to collaborate and communicate with each other through video, voice, and text messaging. It can be used for both official and nonofficial purposes. You may have to visit multiple chat rooms to find the right one for yourself.

The platform is completely free to use and can be converted into a fully functional and effective workstation. You can join group chat rooms or have private chats or even conduct a meeting. You can also invite your team members and discuss your plans here.

Chatblink website

It is an end-to-end encrypted and completely safe to use platform. You can easily customize your chat space the way you want. It is connected via Matrix hence, supports a vibrant developed ecosystem, and provides unlimited audio, video, and chat messaging solutions.

10. ChatCrypt

ChatCrypt is a completely secure end-to-end encrypted Chatiw alternative site that ensures a safe experience more than anything else. It offers you genuine private chat and casual chat rooms for double fun.

It is an anonymous chat platform that supports WebSocket over TLS. They are the data controller and therefore they are religiously committed to protecting your data. Your valuable chats can be viewed by only you and no one else.

ChatCrypt website

Apart from offering chatting services for both private and official purposes, it also offers you to promote your brand with ads. A profile can be built about you and your interests to show customized contents that are relevant to you.


Thus, these are some of the best Chatiw alternatives where you can experience a hassle-free chat room service with media support and adult chat room facilities. All these platforms are secure and user-friendly to serve you with their best amenities.

These sites make it as easy as a cakewalk to connect with people around the world and initiate a chat. You can also find a potential partner of yours here if you’re looking for one.

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