Everyone Can Get Access

Everyone Can Get Access to a Healthy Sex Life

You need to be quite more creative when it comes to love-making. No matter what age, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic group you are belonging to, you can have access to great sex life. A new blog wants to include multiple people for testing out new sex toys.

If you are looking at packaging for sex toys, reading online sex blogs, watching porn, or looking at advertisements in the public space, it can seem like sex is a dedicated space for young people, portraying a normative image of beautifying. But sexual pleasure isn’t only for these people. But looking at the reality, sex is an activity for everyone. No matter if you are young, not so young, straight, LGBTQ, or belonging to an ethnic minority, information about sex should be available to you.

A more inclusive approach to sex can be seen at Bedbible. This blog is doing reviews of all kinds of sex toys and it strives to have a huge representation of people doing the reviews of vibrators, dildos, penis toys, toys for couples, anal play, and tools for BDSM. The testers are both young and old, aging from 20 to 80 years old. The site is having the purpose of posting tests made by straight people, but also gays, bisexuals, gender fluids, non-binaries, and trans people.

All Kinds of Testers

The wide representation of testers is showing off how important it is for everyone to have access to healthy sex life. When sex toys can be used by all kinds of people, it’s only natural they will be tested by all kinds of people. And maybe people with other sexual orientations can find inspiration from how other people use sex toys, which can be one of the advantages of a broader collection of testers of sex toys.

Look at the different devices available in the market and decide what both of you are comfortable with using. Go shopping with your partner and pick one with mutual interest. For example, do you want a standalone device for masturbation or one that you use as a couple?

Since sex toys can be used for multi-purposes, it’s also making good sense to test them in multiple situations. Does a vibrator work for only solo masturbation or is it also useful for sex with a partner? Can it even be used with multiple partners in the same bed?

All sex toys are designed to hit upon the right pleasure points of your partner and reduce your ‘ workload’. Don’t just use your mouth, touch, stroke, tweak, and massage as well as kiss. It’s also a great way to pleasure yourself and your partner.

A good test of a sex toy will reveal this, and at Bedbible you will see, that the sex toys are tested for multiple purposes, so you’ll find a more complete review of all the advantages and disadvantages of the toys. Including information on how to use the toys, or if they can be used for travel.

Find Inspiration for Your Own Sex Life

Despite the review, you will also find blog posts about all kinds of sex. This can give you inspiration for new kinds of sex, no matter if you are looking for some fun on your own, or you want to try out something new with your partner.

These toys don’t necessarily replace traditional lovemaking but enhance it, making sure both partners feel fulfilled and satisfied. Pleasure doesn’t always mean penetrative sex. It is important to focus on the things that you do find pleasurable.

The blog posts are written in a non-judgmental tone to inspire the readers to try out new, exciting products for their sex life. No matter if you want to give your partner extra pleasure with a vibrator, get inspiration for new positions in the bed, or look into some new potential kinks.

Why You Should Try Sex Toys

After much spending much time on sex, your body gets used to the way your partner moves. To add pleasure and excitement to your sex, you can use some sex toys. Research found that sex toys tend to have a higher satisfaction rate and better erectile function.

Did you know that sex toys have been around for many years? The first used toy was more than 20,000 years ago. Different toys do different things and you need to try some different ones. Using sex toys can be a great kit to stimulate yourself on a whole different level. All adult toys are designed to hit the sweet spots and create ultimate pleasure.

Sex toys allow you to change in speed, positions, and pressure that can really make the entire experience very different. Make your sex session stand out by adding signature moves. Work on pleasuring in different ways.

Sex toys enable you to take a step back from penetrative sex and look at other forms of pleasure. Sometimes your partner just wants you to take over while he/she just lies down and enjoys. Expand your mind and think beyond simple masturbation like pennies exercise, rubbing nipples, or caressing your breasts. It’s an excuse to seduce yourself. Explore different toys that really give extra pleasure.

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